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RAIEE Foundation

We are on a mission to Bring Color to Life. Through our extensive design process, we created garments that allow you to stand out and feel your best at the same time. Here at pastél we take "Bring Color to Life" beyond fashion and are partnering with The Raiee Foundation to help progress the education of underprivileged children in Maharashtra, India. A portion of every sale is donated to provide supplies and operational funds to the academy.

Raiee Foundation is a Non-Government Organization that seeks to provide high quality programs related to Education, Women, and Health for villages in Maharashtra, India. Raiee Foundation was founded in 2018  and that same year the first class opened for Lower Kindergarten students. 


The Raiee Foundation is located in a small underdeveloped village Kanadi, in the state of Maharashtra India. This area is very close to the hometown of of the founder, and bears prominent evidence that sufficient resources were lacking not only for children but for the community as a whole. The basic needs and necessities such as schools, colleges, roads, public transportation, electricity, water, and hospitals are still inaccessible for most of the community.  We took on this cause and bought, developed, established this property for the use of activities and a school. We could not have done with it without the support from the community. 


Our main goal is to educate children, support girls, uplift women, and teach practices to develop the community towards a clean India.  The rural population in India is about 75% of India’s total population. We believe it becomes our responsibility to help those who are not given the simple privileges as us, and every child deserves the gift of an education and a better community. We want to improve the quality of life for the people of Kanadi, and soon hope to expand to many more villages. 

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